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From brainstorming ideas or creating your own content using a variety of design tools, this journal-like book covers all of the basics and keeps it on a super easy-to-understand level. The social planner that is split into the following six parts:⁠ brainstorming ideas, weekly planning, creating captions, monthly planning and seasonality, hashtags and analytics. While we had a lot of interests from our friends outside of Edmonton, we were not able to fill their orders, and that is why we chose to take this leap of faith and expand outside Edmonton


Founded by Joanne Bartolome, who is an introverted brand strategist, online collaborator and connector, Joanne is the owner of a marketing business in Edmonton with the recent launch of @yoursocialplanner. She is a conscious leader that lives every day to the fullest while helping business owners craft their unique online story for social media.⁣

From social media, blogging, content creation, videos, photos and so much more, it can be hard to know where to start. Joanne wanted to help all businesses regardless of their marketing budget, and that is where Your Social Media planner was born.⁣

Her passion is storytelling and really taking the time to get to know each person one-on-one. Aside from the business, Joanne finds herself learning more about the world through books and podcasts. Being an introvert, she enjoys time to recharge and reflect to better set intentions for the day. Growing up, she saw the importance of hard work and dedication, learning first hand through immigrant parents the importance of hard work and about how to be grateful for the small things that come your way. Her business gives her the opportunity to showcase the balance for entrepreneurs while embracing the tough times and challenges. She hopes to empower others to showcase their truth and their authentic self online.⁣


Thank you to these local creators, whom we could not do this project without: